Kickstart The Brain With GoNoodle The Brain With GoNoodle

Availability: Web browser and App
Price: Free


GoNoodle is an amazing free resource providing teachers and students with a range up lively dance and movement videos. Each activity is designed to promote movement, get the blood flowing and have students switched on ready to tackle a task. Just login to your GoNoodle account on the class smartboard, select a routine and get the class moving.


An example of the many GoNoodle Videos available



When might I use GoNoodle?

Some ideas for times you might use GoNoodle include:

  • After break to focus
  • Before or after a test
  • Subject / Topic transitions
  • To start the morning routine
  • As a reward
  • Wet weather play


What features are available

There are 3 main sections available on GoNoodle. The first is focused on the classroom ‘Champ’ a series of cute characters whom you can level up depending how many routines as a complete. There are a total of 25 Champs you and the class can level up over the course of you GoNoodling!


The second area allows you to search for GoNoodle activities. This screen allows you to search by :

  • Duration: Need a short or a long session?
  • Energy Level: Are you looking to relax your students or get them pumped and sweating?
  • Category: What sort of movements are you and the class targeting?
  • Favourite: Got a favourite class warmup? Save it here.



The final area available is the channels section. Here you can find videos grouped by creators.


How do I get started?

Getting started is easy – Select an account type, fill in your details and search to join your school.

Already using GoNoodle or have given it a try? Then share your experience in the comments below.

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