Google Certified Innovator: Application Process Certified Innovator: Application Process

Google Certified Innovator: Application Process

The Google Certified Innovators Programme is a unique and highly engaging platform for educators to take their teaching and learning to a whole new level. Successful applicants are invited to spend 3 days at one of the Google Headquarters, where they undertake an intensive programme to plan and map out their innovation project. Over the course of a year innovators work alongside dedicated mentor, team coach and the Google community to bring their project idea to life and change education for the better. The programmes are offered by Google in various locations around the world and require educators to do the following to gain entry:

  • – Complete Google Certified Educator Level 1
  • – Complete Google Certified Educator Level 2
  • – Complete online application form
  • – Create a project slide deck
  • – Create a 1 minute project video


One of the hardest steps in the application process is determining a project that you are not only interested in, but one that is new and unique and offers tangible benefits to other educators and students. Having seen many projects from other innovators, my advice to future applicants would be:

  1. Think big, act locally
  2. Show clearly what the problem is and how you will solve it
  3. Projects do not have to be global game changers, instead they may be small projects which solve a problem in your school or community. Just make sure that these are things which other educators could replicate in their own school or area.
  4. Don’t get too caught up in making things ‘pretty’. My video was filmed in my hotel room while on holiday in Thailand!
  5. Be passionate:  a year is a long time and you really have to believe in your project to stay motivated and engaged.

In my next post I will share my adventures at the Google Innovation Academy in Sydney #SYD17 #Google EI


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