Student motivation and behaviour

Can technology increase student motivation in the classroom or  does it ultimately come down to individual personality?

This interesting article by David Palank over at Edutopia caught my attention due to my previous experiences working within the State school system in Australia. Having spent a number of years working in a low socio-economic school rife with truancy, physical aggression, low motivation, disruptive behaviour and a lack of appreciate for education, I have long come to the realisation that empowering students to make the right decision is far more powerful than forcing it upon them. Reward and recognition systems such as Class Dojo go some way to developing a positive experience with students by reinforcing the importance of following the rules and trying ones best; however can also cause disparity between those students who do the right thing  because of their personality/upbringing and those that do so solely for personal gain (e.g.. points/rewards).

In the article, David suggests modelling classroom management on student self persuasion and provides 7 interesting examples of how this can be implemented into the classroom. The question I ask myself is to what extent can technology aid student self-discipline and motivation? While there are a number of amazing apps and support systems available to educators and parents, there is also no substitute for a good upbringing and parental support.

Edutopia: Strategies to Build Intrinsic Motivation

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Jay Thompson

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